Guest Information

Club Customs and Courtesies

Monterey Peninsula Country Club is for the exclusive use of its members and their guests. We look forward to welcoming you to the Club as a guest and have outlined some specifics as they relate to dress code, cell phone use, tipping and other topics that may make your visit more comfortable. The Club expects all members and guests to adhere to these standards befitting a fine private club. If we can be of further assistance in advance of your visit, please contact the Club at (831) 373-1556.

Dress Code

On the Golf Courses


• Slacks or Cropped pants
• Bermuda shorts, skorts, or skirts that are no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee
• Shirts with sleeves and/or collars (formal shell permitted)
• Tops tucked in unless designed to be worn otherwise
• Golf shoes may not have metal spikes.
• Not permitted: T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, spandex or tops exposing midriff, or denim blue jeans


• Slacks or khakis
• Shirts with sleeves and a collar, turtleneck or mock turtle
• Shirts to be tucked in at all times
• Hats, visors and golf caps (bill forward)
• Golf shoes may not have metal spikes
• Not permitted: Denim blue jeans, shorts or cargo pants

In the Golf House

Men and Women

• Casual dress
• Golf attire
• Fashionable matching warm-up suits
• Not Permitted: Denim blue jeans

In the Golf House Parking Lot

• Fashionable matching warm-up suits between parking lot and Golf House
• No shorts

In the Main Clubhouse


• Skirts, dresses, pantsuits or tailored slacks
• Golf attire is acceptable
• Not permitted: Bermuda shorts after 5:00 pm and denim blue jeans at any time.


• Smart casual or dressier as event requires (e.g. sweater or jacket)
• Golf Attire is acceptable
• Not permitted: Denim blue jeans or shirts hanging out from slacks

Health and Fitness Studio

Men and Women

• Workout attire, including shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts acceptable in locker rooms and fitness studio
• Men will wear a shirt with sleeves.

Dunes and Shore Shelters

Men and Women

• Casual dress including jeans
• Golf attire
• Fashionable matching warm-up suits
• Not permissible: Jeans that are frayed, have holes, or are torn (by design or as a result of wear)

Walking Club

Men and Women

• Fashionable matching warm-up suits
• Fitness wear
• Casual golf attire
• Inappropriate: Shorts (on men) or jeans

Junior Attire

All dress standards apply to persons 10 years of age or older.

Private Events Held at the Beach House or Dunes Shelter

The host determines the level of formality and dress requirements for private functions.

Cell/Smart Phone Use

• Members and guests should turn their cell phones to “Off ” or “Silent” in the Clubhouse, Golf House, Shelters, driving ranges, and on the golf courses.
• Vocal cell phone use is permitted in all parking lots, locker room phone rooms, and outside Shelters in non-dining areas.
• Silent functions (e.g. texting, emailing, picture sharing) are permitted on Club Property.
• Vocal use on golf courses is for urgent matters only.
• Prohibited: Vocal cell phone use in Clubhouse, Golf House, Pro Shop, Shelters, outdoor dining, or golf courses
• Discretion and courtesy are expected.


Smoking is permitted only in parking lots and on the golf courses.

Credit Cards

• Guests of Members may use credit cards in the Pro Shop for merchandise only.
• The Club does not accept member credit cards.


• Tipping is not permitted for employees or contractors. (This includes Valet at the Clubhouse and Beach House.)
• See Pro Shop for reimbursement of Caddies.
• See Health and Fitness Director for reimbursement of Fitness Trainers and Massage Therapists.

Club Customs & Courtesies brochure for guests. (Coming Soon!)